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We maintain high standards of excellence, striving for 100% client satisfaction.
Positive feedback is important.  Contact us BEFORE you give feedback online.  
We'll want to address your photo issues.  You need to let us know about them.

Photographs, Archival Gold CDs and USB drives, can be copied to a computer.
We cannot honor a money-back guarantee program on photo products or works.
Also, Washington State does not require business refunding for photo services.

However, we can correct your photo images if there are any photograph concern.  
We don't mind working with our customers with a
constructive re-image request.
One fix is quota. Consistent do-over requests will go to change order with pricing.

Fraud Signature or Canceled Check after Delivery is Fraud, not Refund
A customer may not cancel a check after it has been given to PixSavers as intended payment.
Bank will issue check cancellation fees which is full responsibility of a customer with the check.  
As PixSavers shows a signed client contract, the bank will repay the same amount to PixSavers.
Any harassment, threats, bullying, or any other remarks construed as foul will be taken to police
Viewed as theft, PixSavers may file criminal charges and/or lawsuit, whichever applies to this.

Both Spouses are Responsible for Ordered Work, Even if only One Signs
Whether husband or wife signs an order, both spouses have equal responsibility for payment.  
Whether a husband or wife have different names does not make a difference according to law.
Signing with a maiden name then using a married name (vice-versa) to refuse to pay is fraud.  
Any other form of signature, whether an X or electronic signature will be completely accepted.
An electronic signature (according to Federal government standards) is a / before and after.
If there are any questions, consult with attorney.  If guilty, you may need to be represented.   

Taking our Photos to Another Restorer is Prohibited
All photo products under PixSavers is copyrighted, cannot be taken to another restorer.
Any other restorer that utilizes our products, whether photos or digital disc is in violation
of tampering with a competitors product.  We reserve the right to prosecute for violation.  
The charge will be theft and tampering as all parties involved are subject to a lawsuit.   

For questions, you may send email or call 206-337-2020
admin@pixsavers.com or 206-337-2020 / 888-546-2384
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