strategy.   With a variety of campaigns, we are
growing fast.
In economic times, PixSavers will remain stable.  
No matter how our Government sways, we'll
always be on top.  

Our  company has a large corporate feel, but our
pricing is like a much smaller company.   We are
not Kinko's.      
But we do work one-on-one with our customers,
so we get every order absolutely correct, and team
Ways to get your photos to us:  

No Washington State Sales Tax for Orders from other States
Our Washington State Dept of Revenue (DOR) allows our company to dismiss sales tax for mail-order products.
Washington state has a local sales tax at the rate of 9.5% sales tax as our photographs must be taxed, locally.
Customers who reside in other States do not to pay sales tax.  PixSavers dismisses tax for other State, orders.

FREE Mail Both-Ways for FREE Pricing by Phone
We pay for your mail.   You must use a Signature Receipt Mail which tracks your mail, nothing gets lost.  
You'll know who signed for it.  And please include the following information in your mail package:   

Your name, address, home phone and cell phones, your email address;
At your post office you will fill out two green cards, front and back, for mail.
You must use US Mail only.   The US Mail carrier will get the mail signed.
The green card with our signature will be sent back to you for your tracking.  
Keep that card as a record of who has your photographs at our facility.  
We will return your photographs in the same mail format you sent to us.  

SCAN Your Photos, Attach to an email and send
Another way to get your photos to us is to scan them and attach them to email.   
Scan your photographs at 300 dpi, then save them as a TIFF file format.

We'll phone you immediately so we can get your photo instructions and order.  
We can email a credit card payment link for PixSavers-Paypal as a convenience.  
Professional prints are mailed to you in the US Mail along with a gold photo disc.
#3 Photo Restoration: Cleaned up, Cropped and Centered.

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PixSavers' Pricing  

This pricing info only pertains to photo restoring.  That pricing is competitive but ours is consistently lower.  
To lower our pricing we moved from a large store-front, to a small office which saved 40% of our overhead.
Our pricing is reasonable, with a 30% to 40% discount from the national average, currently $150 per hour.

With this pricing example, pricing for photo restoration work might be around $90/hour as a hourly flat-rate.   
We give low pricing for
short hours, but we work long hours without the pay.  We want good photo service.  

When we began in 1999, local restoration companies had odd pricing, erratically up and down, sideways.  
So, in 1999 PixSavers reestablished a new pricing standard for the industry, only for the finest photo work.  
PixSavers was seen as photo industry leader, that boldly changes the rules, for a better business practice.     

At first, our low pricing surprised local restorers who couldn't afford huge discounts for their old photo work.  
Some restorers adapted to change as PixSavers pounded the City of Seattle with lots of photo advertising.
From pressure, some restorers quit, but PixSavers revived them to regain competition.  

About our Photo Work
You've heard that our technicians have a sharp, keen eye on every photo detail, top to bottom.
By our own rules, our work needs to be the best to pass our strict team inspection of quality.   

Also, our BBB rating has been A+ since 2005 by doing our photo work correctly the first time.   
To keep our rating consistent, photo artists need to be top-notch to avoid a bad reputation.  

This information only pertains to photo restoration.  Other services have even better pricing.  
206-337-2020 in Seattle
888-546-2384 Toll-Free
PixSavers, Photo Retouching, Shoreline, WA