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Steve Lehman, mcse
tintype specialist
Call the Pix!  888-546-2384
Call the Pix!  888-546-2384
PixSavers, Photo Retouching, Shoreline, WA
About our Tintype Photo Restorer - What He Does     

As a tintype specialist, Steve can bring back a tintype photo that faded to ash or black color.
He was restoring photos in 1999 as the first to restore tintypes photos, known Nationwide.
He began PixSavers in 2005.  Steve was a software engineer before being a photo artist.  

Tintypes were produced, 1836 to 1917.  Steve knows their history - how they were made.
He knows who invented the photo, where, and how they were patented, their chemicals,
how they were made, the different kinds of tintypes, actual photo recipes from 1836 to 1917.

What He Does
Steve is meticulous in detail on absolutely every tintype, giving the best restoration possible.
As an old-school perfectionist, he wants a clear, high resolution image for your genealogy.  

He's a detailed technician like a conceptual photo designer with an abstract artistic mind.
Steve thinks like a Visual Information Specialist who can resolve complex photo restores.

What will be in Your Package
With your tintype restore, you get your original tintype plus a new print, all restored as new.
You get a
free Archival Gold disc with before and restored photos to print more if you wish.  

How to Mail or Email Your Tintype to us
We want tintype photos in US Mail as Certified Signature-Receipt which guarantees delivery.
We reimburse your mail no matter the mail price, so send it now.
In your tintype photo package, bubble wrap around photos works.  
Please include your name, address, phone, cell phone and email.
We'll use your email address for order taking and updating.  

We have received tintypes by scan and send,
in 300-TIFF format.
If you don't know scan and save, we have
scan instructions here.  

The day we receive your tintype photo, we'll call with a written price.  
The written pricing will be emailed in PDF with a sign-off module.
After that, we'll begin work on your tintype with scheduled updates.

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