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Steve Lehman
owner, tintype expert
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This Photo is Restored
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Briefly About our Tintype Restoring   

As a tintype specialist can bring back a tintype photo that has faded to an ash, or black color.
Steve found a need for restoring tintype photographs since nobody else was restoring them.
In 1999, he was
first to restore tintype photos while others regarded photo antiques as 1920.

Tintypes were made, 1836 to 1917.  Steve knows their history, giving an approximate year.
He knows who invented each of 3 kinds of tintypes, how and where, and how they evolved.
Each tintype is made differently with a recipe of chemicals producing each kind of tintype.

Tintype Restoration
Steve restores with a meticulous keen eye on every detail, keeping its original subject intact.
Like a perfectionist, he repairs its damage to give a high resolution photo to last more years.  
Steve thinks like a visual information specialist who can resolve complex imaging problems.
He's a detailed technician with a conceptual artistic talent, seeing electronics inside artistry.
Before he was a photo artist, he was an electronic engineer, and a software engineer, also.

With your tintype restored, you get your original tintype with acid-free materials to store it in,
plus you get a FREE archival Gold CD with before and after photos of your new tintype photo.

How Send Your Tintype in the Mail
Mail your tintype photos in a "photo-mailer" found at your Post Office, ready for your mailing.
It'll be safe to use
US Mail with Certified Signature-Receipt delivery.
We pay for your mail no matter your mail price, so send it to us
Please include your name, address, phone, cell, email address.
We use email for order processing and to update you each 3 days.  

How to Send in Email
You can scan a tintype safely, then attach to an email and send to us.
You must scan in
300 resolution then save as TIFF (TIF) file.
If you don't know scan and save, we have
scan instructions here.  
The day we receive your tintype photo, we'll call with a written price.  

We'll give a reasonable estimate, real as possible, for tintype works.  
Tintypes are more scratched than conventional photos but clean up.
The written pricing will be emailed to you in PDF format for printing.
After we receive your signed order, we'll begin work on your tintype.  
You're updated each 3 days.  If questions, call or email Steve Lehman.   
206-337-2020 in Seattle
888-546-2384 Toll-Free
2X3 inch Tintypes Enlarges
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