• Pre-Loaded upon Your Request at Our Office
  • Holds 99 Photographs:  Switch from Stills to Show
  • Includes USB Cable for Loading and Battery Charging
  • Switches on Back for Still Photos or Slide show View
  • Check Out Your Photos in the Car or on the Desk
Key Chain Photos "KeyPix"
"KeyPix" by TAO Digital Photo Key's
With 100 JPEG Photos Loaded at Once
Pictures Measure 128X128 Pixel
Rechargeable Battery, USB Cable,
Load it up and Give to a Friend for a Gift
  • Snow Ski Cam
  • Accident-Cam
  • Police-Cam
  • Surfboard Cam
  • Car Hood/Door
  • Sky Dive Helmut
25 Pack Archival Gold DVD
24 Carat Gold Scratch-Armor®

  • 4.7 Gb Photos/Data
  • 2 Hours of Videos
  • Speed: 8x
  • Lasts 100 Years
    25 DVD $72.00

25 Pack Archival Gold CD-r
24 Carat Gold Scratch-Armor®

  • 700 Mb. Photos/Data
  • 80 Min Audio Sound
  • Read/Write: 52x
  • Lasts 300 Years
    25 CD $55.00

Photo Storage
100 TIFF on CD
300 JPG on CD
600 TIFF on DVD
900 JPG on DVD
Slides Storage
1000 at 3000dpi JPG
800 at 1000 dpi TIFF
Mobile Fat Gecko Tripod Camera Mount  Lock-Down a Mobile Camera
  • 3 Clamp Suction-Mounts
  • Pro Tripod Suction Mount
  • Same Familiar Cam Mount
PixSavers, Photo Retouching, Shoreline, WA
USB 16GB SDHC 163X Memory Card AND USB 2.0 Universal Memory Card Reader

  • Transfer Data at Speeds up to 31MB/s
  • USB 2.0 Interface (Compatible to 1.1)
  • Plug & Play (No Drivers Required)
  • Compact & Travel-Friendly

    BONUS 16Gb SD Card + 2.0 Reader
    Only $24.99  Buy Both NOW
Share and view your photos & videos in a snap with a 16 Gb Photo-Disc and our USB 2.0 Memory Card Reader.
Five different slots supporting card formats: SD/SDHC/SDXC, CompactFlash (Type I & II),  microSD/micro,
USB 32GB SDHC 600X Memory Card AND USB 3.0 Universal Memory Card Reader

  • Transfer 32 Gb of Images and Videos
  • 3.0 Compatible with USB 2.0 & 1.1
  • Plug & Play (No Drivers Required)
  • Professional's Choice

    BONUS 32Gb SD Card + 3.0 Reader
    Only $49.99 Buy NOW
Designed with five different slots, Compact, Travel-Friendly, only 4 inches wide, totally portable.
Bring it with you
wherever you go. Store it in your camera bag - Ready to Go  anywhere, anytime.
Plug & Play.  Conveniently Show customers their photos on Your Laptop.  No drivers, No power.
2 for 1:   USB 3.0 SD Card AND USB Travel Memory Card Reader

  • Plugs into 3.0 USB Port and Switch off Cards!
  • Reads & Writes SD or micro SD Memory Card
  • Built-in Storage for 2 Cards with Caps Each End
  • Compact, Travel-Friendly, Smaller than a Lighter
  • Transfers Files 10x Faster and All Plug-and-Play!

    2 fer 1 SD Card + Travel Reader
    Only  $19.99 for Both  Buy NOW   
USB 3.0 SD UHS-II AND USB Plug-in Reader

  • For Any SD Card & Micro SD
  • Plugs into Any 3.0 USB Port  
  • Reads & Writes SD & Micro
  • Enclosed Memory Storage
  • MUST-HAVE for Quick Read
  • Just the Right Thing to Have

    2 for 1 this Special Only
    SD Card + Travel Reader
    Only  $34.99;    Buy NOW   
Compact, Travel-Friendly, only 4 inches wide, totally portable. Memory Cards:  SD/SDHC/SDXC, CompactFlash (Type I & II),
Micro SDHC and Micro SDXC, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick Pro Duo and many more SD cards!
SD/SDHC/SDXC, CompactFlash (Type I & II),    
MicroSD+MicroSDHC+MicroSDXC, Memory Stick,Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick Pro Duo
USB 2.0 Universal Memory Card Reader (without USB Memory Card)

  • Compatible with Most Memory Card Formats
  • Transfer Speeds up to 31MB/s & Plug & Play
  • USB 2.0  Backward Compatible with USB 1.1

    2.0 USB Memory Card Reader
    Only $19.99 Buy NOW
USB 3.0 Universal Memory Card Reader (without USB Memory Card)

  • High-Speed Images, Video File Transfers
  • 10x Faster than 2.0 Compatible 2.0 & 1.1)
  • Compact & Travel-Friendly Plug & Play

    3.0 USB Memory Card Reader
    Only $34.99 Buy NOW
This is so Cool!
Dual Card Slots
Enclosed Door
Featuring Archival Gold Pro Standard Discs

  • 24 Caret Gold Scratch-Armor®-Strength
  • Store Data Much Longer Than USB Flash

  • Perfect Photo Album Collection Preserve
  • Backup Personal Files, Client File Folders
  • Utilized by Pro's for Digital Photo Storage
Professionals Buy it Fast!
Make it Your Travel Companion
Stuff this into Your Camera Bag
10-Pack Archival Gold CD with Case
$39.99 with CD Binder - 2-Hole-Cut CD Cases
Case: Clear Envelope Flap Front
Cases come with our 10-Pack CD Binder
Camera Memory Sticks and USB Memory Readers
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888-546-2384 Toll-Free
#3 Photo Restoration: Cleaned up, Cropped and Centered.
A remote is the key, as your SLR or DSLR got easier while aiming for that stable shot with a mobile mounted camera.
This Fat Gecko Triple Mount is much more stable with 3 industrial locking suction cups to adjust to a the contour of the
surface, then lock it to create the most stable mount.  It has
six adjustable points to angle a cam to that anywhere-shot.

It's ¼-20” tripod with head creates a reliable connection with your camera and includes a rubber washer for tightening.
The 3-Arm mount connects 2 Fat Gecko's together (Original and Mini) mounting at 3 base points, locks for total stability.
This slide & lock design locks its two connectors between the two creating a sturdy contact with a smooth surface.

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