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PixSavers Privacy Policy Statement

Our Trust Agreement Overview
This privacy policy is a statement of declaration that PixSavers will never share customer/client information to anyone.  
Client privacy statements posted on this Website are a responsibility of PixSavers Photo Restoration & Photography.   

A Privacy Policy is required by the Better Business Bureau per membership as PixSavers has always had one posted.
PixSavers is committed to ensuring customer privacy, hereby in accordance with the posted, committed, statements.

Declaration of Client Confidentiality
PixSavers will not share customer information to any third party without the consent of the client or customer in writing.
Access to customer info can only be provided to law enforcement agencies and requires some legal procedures to be
accomplished prior to such action (court order, warrant).  This applies to bank account information or ordering records.
In some cases the data is by definition inaccessible to third parties and should never be revealed.

Types of Customer Information Collected
The information we gather is general information you supply when you order, or initiate product transactions.  
Information Collected:  For an order we will need customer name(s), mailing and location addresses, phone number(s),
cell phone number(s), email(s), fax number if needed.  PixSavers reserves the right to contact its clients by mail, email or
fax in the course of daily practice and its normal course of business.  We reserve the right to contact customers for business
that may effect customers account or order, and to notify clients of our own services, sales, advertising, special pricing, or to
notify customer of changes that might effect them now or in the future.  Further, we reserve the right to contact customers
through phone calls, postal, fax or email for the afore mentioned purposes if any. Also, we reserve the right to contact
customers by the same means of communications within an order-signing format.  For these purposes, all of this type of
information per all parties is kept confidentially between customers and PixSavers.  We do not collect information for affiliates
or by affiliates, or partners, sub-contracted agents or anyone else who might respectfully make offers to PixSavers or want to
do business with PixSavers.  We decline offers from third party services providers which offer their services.  

Safeguarding Your Customer Information
We protect your personal information from loss, unauthorized use or misuse, by personnel known industry safeguards,
as we are required to save data on servers, workstations, discs, hard drives within a network and on external hard drives.
Records are purged on a one (1) year basis as files kept in office files for business purposes are only used by PixSavers.  
Such files are password protected as networks are also protected by permissions maintained by software administrator,
a qualified on-staff Microsoft Certified Software Engineer (MCSE), maintaining authorized passwords.   

Government Requested Information
Customer information is NOT kept confidential if that information is requested from any court or lawyer's subpoena.
In addition, any tax assessor, Federal or State auditor, may request client records but that request must be in writing.
To date, PixSavers has not had
any court action(s), lawful, warranted information request(s) for any such purpose.
If any legally request for any customer record(s) from PixSavers, that customer will be notified per such request.
You may visit your Federal Trade Commission Website to review all consumer rights or business responsibility.
Also, you may check your local city, town or township, county, parish, state, for laws that might apply.   

Merchant Accounts - Customer Credit Card Transactions  
PixSavers currently take credit cards through Paypal via email to our customers, and Paypal is responsible for encryption.
Encryption information is stated on our credit card information page, if you care to check it out at PixSavers'
Credit Page.
Customers are assured that records kept will be held in their strictest form of security as information from these files is
never shared with anyone, other than the normal practices between PixSavers and Paypal and your credit bank account.
The only authorized personnel at PixSavers to process your credit card information shall be Steve Lehman, our owner.   

Personal info and Photo Displays
Photos shown online have customer permission to show their photo in a specific way we wish to illustrate our service.  
We hereby do not share your personal information from customers who have allowed us consent to share their photos
with others on our website.  Your photos are shown without your personal information and that info will never be told to
anyone even if requested.   We truly guard our photo and likewise, we guard our customer information who own them.
The only exception to this rule is if we have a court order to reveal our customer information (see above).  

One Noted Trust Restriction
Only in the event which a court or government agency requests information, such information is granted according to
the United State privacy law, shown at this link:  
United States privacy law per WIKI.   

Consumer Privacy According to the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution
This Privacy Act of 1974, a United States federal law, establishes a Code of Fair Information Practice that governs the
collection, maintenance, use, and dissemination of personally identifiable information about individuals, maintained in
systems of records by federal agencies.  Privacy law refers to laws which deal with regulation of personal information
about individuals which can be collected by governments or private organizations for storage and use.  
Federal Privacy Law - United states  

Official Notice to Online Information Solicitors:  
Do not request our customer records per anything.  By posting this, PixSavers has an agreement, as we have never,
do not, will not, won't sell, won't rent, won't share, won't provide, won't lend, customer information to anyone, outside.
Further, PixSavers does not contract with any third-party per any proposal(s) per any reason(s) even in an emergency.
AND, our PixSavers website has safeguards to deter any attempts of gathering customer information from a website.   

Revisions are posted here.  
Last revised March 21, 2018.