Business License
PixSavers is licensed at Washington State Dept of Licensing,
Universal Business ID (UBI) license number 602-472-335.
When we preview your photos we can show you our license.
Also, our Website has a
link to Washington State licensing.

We are a member of the Better Business Bureau, rated A+
and we are a member of the ARA and was written about in
Seattle Magazine, as the only restorer, granted an interview.
PixSavers began because Seattle needed a better restorer.
Owner's Brief Background
Steve Lehman's history is almost all photo and art.  
After working for a major newspaper in photography,
Steve was a general contractor in business 12 years.  
Then, he was VP in advertising, did his own graphics.
After that he earned his MCSE in technology at the U.W.
At Microsoft he was a test engineer for photo software.  
206-337-2020 Seattle
888-546-2384 Toll-Free
PixSavers, Photo Retouching, Shoreline, WA
We specialize in antique tintype photographs for 1836-1917.  
We're the best for conventional, for photos made 1918-2016.
Restore small, medium or large format sizes 1 to 60 inches.

Since 1999, we've been known as photo artist with the flair.
We're known for meticulous detail, completely top to bottom.
Maintaining quality control,
all photos get our team inspection.

We p
review your photos to give you a written, signed, pricing.
And, your photo is scanned, restored, put on disc, then print.
You get a
FREE scan and a FREE first-print up to 8x10 sizes.

Antique Tintype Photo Specialists (1836-1917)
Our tintype restoration is a great success.      
He has even restored a tintype faded to ash.
Our restorer knows tintype history dates well
as he gives a range of years for tintypes but
can't guess relatives dates if info is kept back.

Daguerre-typoes, Ambro-types, Ferro-types,
Cabinet Card, charcoals , mimeographs.
More info is on our
Tintype History Page.

Conventional Photos Restored (1917-2015)
Our photo artists have one-on-one photo restore tasks.
We color correct, lighten, sharpen, treat all types of spots,
marks, fade, scuffs, scratches, tears, fingerprints, cracks,
fingernail-dents, stains, frayed edges, things not wanted,
or things that you want removed, moved, partially removed.
Restores are monitored by our on-staff Software Engineer.
In the end, we give a digital negative on Archival Gold CD.

Team Inspection, Quality Control
Our team-inspects and grades photo work.
Grades from A to A+ is good but no lesser.
We even inspect
our owner's photographs.
We do more than any other photo restorer.

Our work is guaranteed, and you are our final judge.
Until you're satisfied, we keep working on your photo.
We strive for photo excellence, enthusiasm, expertise.
Customer's come first, as we feel we are the very best.
Photo Restoration - Damages to Restore
Faded, Age Spots, (typical) Scratches, Tears, Stain, Cracks,
Rip, Frayed, Fingernail/Fingerprint, Folded,
Fire and/or Water
>> Typical to Massive Damage PhotoPage2 & PhotoPage3

Oval Convex Glass or Round Framed Pictures
Your antique convex oval was made in
1887 to 1932.  These are a specialty.
We know how they were convexed
and then placed inside its frame.
Most being the same size ovals,
we can revitalize a fade, torn or
damaged convex oval photograph.
We copied the same convex depth
and retro its shape into a convex.
For more info call.  See
Oval Page  

Stuck to Glass  Stuck on Glass Page
Do not pull it off the glass as it will tear apart.
Keep it on the glass. Do not break the glass.
Be careful not to cut yourself from the glass.
These can completely strip away in pieces.
We have helped with a lot of these photos.
Don't damage the photo. Let us help with it.  
We have work-examples of this type of work.
Steve is our photo technician for
Stuck on Glass photos.  

Changes, Composites, Mouse-Draws
Moving, copying, re-imaging is followed by a redraw
We can combine objects, change background and
switch-out body parts, draw eyes, nose, ears, legs,
and perfectly round soccer balls drawn by a mouse.  
Only an expert can draw a circle with a digital mouse.

We can take out a person, manually change background
color, remake person sizes, in photo sizes 1" to 60" pics.
We only see a photo's color, shapes and image change.
Technicians won't care who or what an image is about.
Our software engineer can be as creative as an artist.   

All-Red or All-Green Faded to a Color
Some photos faded entirely to green or entirely to red.
Kodak had more red chemical, Fuji had more greens.
When a picture ages, its colors never stopped developing.
The color process comes out of its rear, seeps to its front.
We can change it.  See
sample photo at Photo Page-2

ALL (dry) pieces are very needed.
We improvise.  Stitch its pieces.
Description helps reconstruction.
An example might help also.  
Photo Restoration  -  All Photo Restoration Services Listed
All About our Pricing  
In 1999, Steve began PixSavers utilizing Software Engineering
as its foundation, as he became a photo restoration artist.  He
saw a need among competitors whose work was shabby as
competitors were dabbling, all of them with different pricing.  

Pricing was 120.00/hour as an average without standards
Steve re-establish professional restore pricing standards.  

In the following year, Steve reduced pricing 60% from its
average to make photo restoring a serious competition.
Our pricing was judged too low  so we made our pricing
a 30% discount to raise pricing to a sale-price.  

In 2010, we raise our pricing the average 120.00 per hour,
then we reduced our pricing to a 40% discount, today's price.  
Today, we have a 70.00 per hour flat-fee, restoration pricing.

With another 10% off, we drew more competitor complaints,
but we have maintained pricing as our marketing strategy.

Steve's business experience is stronger than competitors,
as he has out-marketed and out-lasted his competitors.

PixSavers has become Seattle's most popular photo restorer
and highly recognized among photo restorers nationwide.
The company aura has a large business presence with a
strong marketing strategy, illustrating a variety of campaigns.
We appear small, but we are growing like a large corporation.

In economic times, PixSavers has remained strong, stable.
Customer service satisfaction follow up is our main practice.

Sales Tax in Washington - No Tax in other States
In accordance with Washington State Dept of Revenue (DOR)
when a new photo is printed its a new product taxed at 9.5%.
Customers who reside in other States do not to pay sales tax.
FREE Pickup&Delivery-Pricing  Pickup&Delivery
By working with this method, we can drop our pricing 40%.
Brick n' mortar raises pricing. We want to give
LOW pricing.
Owner writes the pricing, signs it, gives you a carbon copy.
The order states that your originals must be returned to you.
We handle your original photographs with care and respect.
In his portfolio he shows
the client letters on our main page.
206-337-2020 Seattle
888-546-2384 Toll-Free
Our 60 inch Design-Jet printer can print to 60 inches.
Enlarge wallet sized school pictures, 10 inch portraits
Family portraits can be as large as a poster size photo.   
Reasons to Restore Your Photos
  • Fix damage from heat, light, photo process-chemical.  
  • Chemicals from 'sticky-photo-albums' will ruin photos.
  • Shoe boxes, school pictures, snap shots will rot away.  
  • Brownie photos, 1800 photos, have faded or rotted now.
  • Your family memories may only exist in old photographs.
First Camera to Buy for an Adult
Canon 4TI model is an excellent first-time adult cam.
It's on-board software, display and settings is easy to
understand light adjustments in different image mode.
Since cameras are all about lighting,
learn all about it.
Learn lens-symbols, aperture, shutter speed and film.

Fugifilm has instant picture cams for kids or beginners.
Olympus, inexpensive, has a 200mm internal telephoto.
Leica, expensive, has a 400mm internal telephoto lens.
Nikon is for professionals who know cams, thoroughly.
Sony is not-so-popular and not made for professional.

First Camera to Buy for a Young Adult
Don't buy children a very expensive SLR for a first-camera.
Kids toss cameras into the air - to
slam it onto pavement.
Futile, pointless "
air-toss-photos" will destroy a camera.  

Buy a SLR digital or film camera to keep for an entire life.
Low-priced point-n'-shoot cams are first-time kid-camera.
Get a book - learn from
film adjustments to know digitals.

Digital has taken away learning-to-pose, portrait images.
NEW photographers should learn ALL about the lenses.
A beginning photographer
is not a tech. Learn dark-room.

Learn beginner-software
IF you need lighting adjustments.
Software has the same lighting adjustments as cameras.
Software is
not needed if your camera has software inside.
Owner of PixSavers!
#3 Photo Restoration: Cleaned up, Cropped and Centered.
SCAN Your Photos, Attach to an email and send
60% of you can scan photos - if you can't, we will help you.  
Scan your photos at 300-TIFF, email your photos attached.

We send an
order, you pay via credit, we restore your photos
Professional Prints are in US Mail
, and We pay for US Mail.
Camera Photo File Formats;  

All SPECIFIC Photo Formats Listed and defined.
From our Microsoft Certified Software Engineer.

Brief list: TIFF, TIF, JPG, GIF, PDF, BMP, PNG,
PDF-JPG, PDF-TIFF, PDF-non and RAW files.  
For Canon or Nikon:  CR2 and NEF are RAW.  

We tell you the difference and definition of each.  
Whether new or pro, you need to read this page.

Our photo file listing are at this page here.  
If you don't understand pixels or file compression,
feel free to call us to get an engineer's explanation.
FREE Mail Both-Ways for FREE Pricing by Phone
Complete mail info is on our mail page. We pay for your mail.
Each years, 55% of you send photos in the mail to get pricing.
Signature Receipt tracks mail.  You'll know who signed for it.

Include y
our name, address, all phones, email and a fax#.  
At USPS, fill out the green card to get signature receipt mail.

Get Our  Address Here and follow the step by step.
You must use
US Mail only - their carriers get mail signed.

Our owner calls immediately for photo restoration pricing.
If the price is to high, we send back. Otherwise get it done.

The Post Office has 6x9 or larger photo-mailer envelope-flat.
If you want to send directly to our owner, use
Steve Lehman.
Steve is our owner and he signs for our US Mail signatures.

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