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#3 Photo Restoration: Cleaned up, Cropped and Centered.
A rolled banner-photo, found at the bottom of a old box, this photo was
broken into 11 folds and broken pieces.  We scanned it carefully, then  
digitally manipulated each piece to connect and seam them together.    
Additionally, there were 6 fissures in between the 11 broken pieces.  
Each crack and broken line had divided the faces, bodies, legs, shoes,
and each of those cracks were making the uniforms dimmed in shade.
Each brick in the street was divided by the cracks, broken into pieces.  
Even the dirt from the unpaved street areas had divided rocks where we
needed to mend each crack and crevice that divided each man's face.  
Although the pieces divided all these parts, each part needed to
be replaced by another.  Shoes and parts needed to be redrawn.
Lines in the bricks needed to be straightened pixel to pixel, and
each uniform needed to be reconstructed, whether white or color,
each cap, each collar, arms, eyes, noses, and throughout it was
a slow process. This restorer had freehand mouse-drawn all of it.
This was an historic banner photo for this Navy base to archive.
The Navy wanted to preserve a history of their medical corpsmen.
The Navy customer had 350 photos to restore including this one.
< 19th Set  Poster
35"x55" Canvas Pic


This family thought big when they placed an image on a canvass poster.
But, there were parts missing, mainly people, parts of a head to be exact.  
We redrew, brushed, reconstructed, the people together to get their heads
complete.  This is a very difficult piece of work because the texture of the
canvas create shadows to confuse the artist. We needed to work with
hundreds of cracks, rips, tears, missing parts, and after team inspections,
we finished this work for delivery.  Posters are rare, on a textured paper,
similar to canvas but not really, printed on a 60" wide Design-Jet printer.
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31st Set  Seattle's 1921 Seattle's Ballard Firehouse 32" X 7.5"
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We fixed intricate parts of cart mechanisms and under-carriage.
Light and dark streaks were on everything, needing it all rebuilt.
Each horse, man, truck, and wheel of a truck was worked intricately.
It'll be darkened some, to be seen through a glass museum frame.
It's too bad that we need to make a watermark over the best parts.    
A historic photo, sun faded in a frame in an office, frozen in a
panoramic are horse drawn, engines and ladder trucks.  It has camera
streaks over most its detail.  Our challenge is to rebuild each brick of
the building per each streak to make the streaks consistent to another.
Each brick, block, mortar is worked  individually to original condition.  
23rd Set  Stuck to Glass

Notice the bottom where a yellow pattern
makes swirls in the field.  This is where
the water traveled.
It sticks like glue.  The yellow is on legs
of the players and uniforms.  
Faces disappeared in the water.

Wet pictures can be brought back,
only if they are restored right away.
You cannot procrastinate with this.
You Really Need to Call us!
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#3 Photo Restoration: Cleaned up, Cropped and Centered.
24th Set Stuck to Glass

Orange flecks on shirt, face, feet.
Water damage  lost Donald Duck.

Donald Duck was 65% destroyed.
We free-hand-mouse drew Donald.
Our artist can mouse-draw, circles.

Attempts to remove a photo from a frame can
break the glass without trying or a slight touch.  

Wet photos will stick to the glass when a photo is
near a window, an outside wall, damp attic or
basement, then moisture collects in the frame.

Cold air pulls moisture from a metal window-sash.
Hang pictures on inside walls away from windows.
22nd Set   8x10 Photo Stuck to Glass
Stuck to glass, they glue to the glass and then rip easy. His head was most important.
The suit is camel-hair which is rarely worn in a wet climate - ironic for its wet damage.
The owner was concerned with shoulders, tie, color but the pinstripes could go away.

There was some free-hand-drawing in places to maintain authenticated objectives.
The owner worked with us making sure his points of concern was maintained, intact.
All throughout a project we take great care of handling every wrinkle that comes along.
At end, our customer expressed much delight, happy to write a permission to display.
customer written photo release is retained
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30th Set  1947 Navy Bangor Base, Washington State 36" x 8.5"
29th Set  Oil Painting, 18X24


PixSavers has what it takes for paintings.  
Our artist has a steady hand to bring this
painting back to its original presentation.

This one is in oil, probably cherished by
its author for its beauty in skill and talent.  
No matter how old, we can correct it.
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25th Set  1970's Rockers

This Polaroid was in a jeans pocket while in a washer,
and mutilated as this photo memory "must be restored".
The red couch color is bleeding into almost everything.
Each item was carefully worked as red streaks connected
together. We carefully kept the red couch intact, changing
all other colors back to normal, planning each color move.
And now their hair, jeans, dress and dog isn't red anymore.
At their request, the photo was cropped a bit at the bottom.
The dog is a Toy Manchester Terrier imported from the UK.
The dog isn't with them now. He was a rare dog in the USA.
They were entertainers and are still hippies 40 years later.
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28th Set  Oil Painting, 18X24

A painting of a boy on a saddle on his horse is a personable family painting.
An oval, oil painting like its mate above, cherished by the boy and his mother.
A painting is especially recovered manually, although we did this with software.
Methods of recovering a painting is totally different. It involves heated brushes.

You cannot see lots of age spots throughout this beautiful painting.  
We were asked to keep stripes of the shirt, while fixing its problems.  
Paintings have a different method which does not include software.
Museum quality paintings are repaired with heat and paint brushes.
We can fix these paintings but because our photo industry has lots
of quick ways to fix a painting, we can do this digitially and print off.
BIG Photos
28th Set, an Oil Painting
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customer written photo releases retained
customer written photo release is retained
customer written photo release is retained
customer written photo release is retained
customer written photo release is retained
customer written photo release is retained
customer written photo release is retained
customer written photo release is retained
customer written photo release is retained
customer written photo release is retained
26th Set  Drummer with "the Dreaded Red"

It's no accident this was a red photo. It faded to this color.
In 1970s, camera film developed from rear to front of pic.
It only needed light to "burn" the chemical to get started.
The problem was, its chemical had too much red color.
Kodak had too much red and Fuji had too much green.
Under the red (and green) are spots and cracks all over.  
Original size was 3X3.  The owner wants it to be a 5X7.
The boy's father is a well known rock musician drummer.
27th Set  The Store

Zoom into this photo.

This is a faded photo.  
Underneath each fade are
age spots, need correcting.
These take time to clear all
of the spots, streaks and
things on the floor that
was there.  

Tuned down to dark brown
sepia, it looks real good.
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