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#3 Photo Restoration: Cleaned up, Cropped and Centered.

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Our Photo Paper

We print on the best paper as our supplier gives us a micro-fibre matte.
Matte paper is the best for renewing photos because photos last longer.

Glossy paper is not porous enough to support color printing materials.
It lacks the rigidity for locking in materials and we want a higher grade.

Also, cotton-blend papers are good,
not a smooth finish, and it's porous.  
It's an archival format paper for archiving data for
documents kept on file.
But this type of paper turns yellow over time as it is cheap paper for files.  
It is unfinished, rough textured, has cotton balls, looking like card stock.
We will only utilize this paper only if asked for cheap document stock.

A word about card stock:  
People complain that its cheap and it is true that copy centers carry it.
It is good copy paper, but
all store-bought paper is labeled card stock.  
Card stock can fool paper-experts.  We won't carry this type of paper.  

PixSavers has a paper supplier in a warehouse that is very near to us.   
Be assured that PixSavers is on top of paper with the very best photos.