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#3 Photo Restoration: Cleaned up, Cropped and Centered.

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PixSavers, Photo Retouching, Shoreline, WA
We don't raise pricing with a Microsoft Engineer on staff

Since the beginning, we've been lowering our pricing to be fair with customers.
Beginning i
n 1999, with local fluctuating prices, we stabilized our local industry
established a new pricing standard and influenced restorers nationally.

Making more changes to our industry, others look to PixSavers for their advice.  
We've helped our competitors manage better for a comparable service element.
Our owner may be a Microsoft Engineer, but before this, he was a VP in an advertising company.   
Steve Lehman had business experiences and intelligence beyond our photo restoration company.  

He restores antique
tintypes, regular photos, and trains our photo artists on their photo software.
He teaches a team of professionals to know the software needed to get a better detailed photo.

Steve worked at Microsoft through the 1990's, restoring photos for employees.
Before that he went to school for his MCSE at the University of Washington.  

And, he was a VP of an advertising firm and good with his graphics software.  
Steve has more than
40+ years in sales, marketing and more businesses.

PixSavers is a BBB accredited business, rated A+ without a single complaint.  
We have ample customer reviews on major references websites, everywhere.   
Our team really wants to restore your photo
graphs.  We'll do 'better for lesser'.   
Steve's Photo Workstation at PixSavers