Steve's Background

At 16, he began at the Seattle Times where he was promoted to 3 levels of executive management.  
With that, he had Business Management and Accounting classes at Shoreline Community College.
Also, he passed an electronics exam for a FCC Class-E license in Radio Electronics Engineering.
All of this set the stage for a future in business, as well as for electronics and software  technology.  

He left the Seattle Times at 24.  Knowing carpentry, he wanted to be a licensed General Contractor  
For 15 years, his residential home improvement business was popular as it grew to 37 employees.
Knowing when to get out of business is an art in itself.  When business is good, it's time to sell out.

Steve begin a company that sold CPA Accounting services to small and medium sized businesses.
With a model which profited in CPA fees as well as business fees, this was a win-win for everyone.
As consultants, Business Marketing Group became popular.  In marketing, it grew to 45 employees.

Finally, Steve became an employee again.  He was hired as Vice President in an Advertising firm.
With several media publications, their specialty was display ads for restaurants and retail service.
Steve did his own graphics where his assignment was to beef up marketing and sales incentives.  
One way was to show clients and employees a good time was on-board a tour boat with a show.
For fun, he had employees dress in formals and cowboy boots to dance to country like their prom.  

After that, Steve went back to school.  He was accepted to University of Washington for Technology.
Steve took 8 hours of classes, studying 6 hours per day, for his future technical engineering career.
With a BS in technology and 8 certifications in Software Engineering, his future was to be Microsoft.  
At Microsoft he was a test engineer for photo software and worked in Corporate Software Licensing.  
Steve began restoring photos for employees at Microsoft. He left the company in 1999 for business.

As a true businessman, Steve began PixSavers.  Like a bang, he surprised competitors to no end.
His big push in marketing overwhelmed competitors to the point that they called to ask him to stop.
Still, Steve wanted to be 'king of the hill' as his business marketing and advertising budget lasted.
Then he lowered pricing. Then he integrated his combined marketing and advertising experience.  
Competitors couldn't afford his lower pricing for their higher rents as PixSavers became stronger.
Eventually, competitors quietly retired as it was time, as more restorers left their yellow page ads.
PixSavers had a large ad.  When the number of restorers reduced, PixSavers had a smaller ad.

Today, Steve trains his photo artists software technology with 21 separate photo editing programs.  
Seattle calls PixSavers for camera advice and photo questions as well as restoration and archival.
PixSavers has a compassion to save ALL photos before they go extinct, or go away completely.
Myths and Truths about Software Engineers

MYTH:   Engineers are Geeks.  Not true.
REALITY:   Engineers are
nerds, not geeks. A  geek is someone whose passions/obsessions
are outside the mainstream (i.e. Star Trek - a WOW geek).  A nerd has above average intelligence.

MYTH:   Engineers must love math.  Not true.
REALITY:  Engineers need to be good at math, but
they do not have to like math.
Engineering requires the fortitude to enthusiastically apply one's energy to creativity.  

MYTH:   Engineers are not creative people.  Not so.  
REALITY:  Every company uses logical, intelligent, creative thinkers, as detail oriented, individuals.

MYTH:   Engineering school is difficult.  Not so.  
REALITY:  Engineering is
brutal - not difficult.  You need to like demanding, arrogant professors.
And you need to be capable of reading 8 hours after 4 hours of class on a daily basis in college.
As a specialist, our self starter engineer works in a team to creatively develop photo solutions.
Be assured, he has the tools, knowledge, techniques and a team that provides photo restores.

In our digital age, photos can be deleted, devices might be tossed, as photos have no regard.
At PixSavers, we have compassion to restore, archive, to greatly preserve analog photographs.  
Add to the mix that
we do our work at discount, this is the winning edge over any other restorer.
As a photo artist, Steve Lehman exceeds all limits
of restoration quality and - with his lower pricing.

Being totally fair with customers, we wanted to
deliver a photo restoration product with a
Doing so, PixSavers has gained popularity, has
had consistent promises, and multiple references.
206-337-2020 in Seattle
888-546-2384 Toll-Free
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Steve's Workstation
Our Owner, Photo Artist, is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

We don't raise pricing for our Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.  Instead we lower your pricing.  
Steve is our specialist for tintype photo restoration.  He is a technician for all conventional photos.
He teaches a team of professionals to know the software needed to get a better detailed photo.  

Early on, we lowered pricing in an attempt to re-establish a new local industry pricing standard.  
We focus on photo quality at a lower price, and Steve teaches our photo artists what to achieve.
Our entire team inspects every photo at finish to reach our benchmark, surpassing last years.

In college, he earned a MCSE in software engineering and a B-tech at University Washington.
Steve left the Microsoft Corporation to continue his best of talent with photo restoration artistry.
As a young man, he began as a photographer at a newspaper in 1971.  Photos were a hobby.
His background encompasses his own business management in marketing and advertising.
As a VP in the Advertising business, he created his own graphics for his clients.  

At PixSavers, he teach his photo artist as techs to do what he can do even better.  
He has cultivated a team inspections in an environment such as an old school.  
Everyone's work is graded so that all of their work goes out in perfect condition.  

There is no doubt that Steve knows photo editing software more than anyone.  
Everyone seems to find PixSavers more knowledgeable than any other restorer.   
Stay with PixSavers for a better detailed photo at a much lower price.  You'll like it.   
#3 Photo Restoration: Cleaned up, Cropped and Centered.

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