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Burned by Fire above,
After Restoration, below.
Although Photo Taken in India.
Photos are Restored in Seattle  
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PixSavers, Photo Retouching, Shoreline, WA
#3 Photo Restoration: Cleaned up, Cropped and Centered.

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Pricing for fire and water damage is as normal as other photo restoration work.  
We'll give a fair, written, signed price.  We furnish a copy locally, a PDF in email.
A ballpark price can be given, but allow us to preview a photo an exact pricing.
You will get our price before we begin restoration.  Likewise, you will sign-off.  
The amount we need will be totally fair, only the amount to reach our restore.  
We give you a receipt for the originals showing photos we need to return.  

Property Insurance
If seen for the first time, it can be a devastating loss but are replaceable.
Out of 15 pictures, one good photo will be good (see "sorting" belo).  

Insurance companies should pay out for fire and water as property damage.  
Agents are nice
but insurance companies will scrutinize about 'intangibles'.
They will always want proof, arguing 'intangible' photos "burn-away-gone".  

It's hard to take pictures of a photos.  If you didn't already, we can guide you.  
To get recovery for your photos, list them as "
miscellaneous items lost".
Put a value on "(digital) replacement costs" if they press for property loss.

Do not list photos as "personal property not "treasured property" not "memories".  
The likeliness of replacing your photos grows in value, but only if you persist.
Listing them in the
miscellaneous items column gets 'property replacement'.

Slight Water or Fire Damage
Water damage will stain, add dirt and spots, grow mold and mildew and crack.
Photos that are run together may not be recovered.  IF you have another photo,
with photo art, we can copy that image to another photo to put them together.  

Fired photographs are usually damaged on the borders and can be cropped off.  
We do our best to go around the damage.  If we go through it, we use photo art.
We are the foremost photographic artists, as no other will restore fire and water.
We can restore antique photos with same meticulous patience for this restore.  

If Stuck On Frame-Glass
Dont pry a photo off of its glass.  It'll rip to shreds.  We can shoot through the glass.
Chemicals or cleaners placed directly on your photos may destroy them.  

Sorting Flooded Photos
Presort photos as "priority" or "not priority" for digital photo restoration or not.  
Our advice is, select photos which pertain to family, futures and genealogy.  

Photographs stuck together need to be peeled away but only if thoroughly wet.  
There is no guarantee they will survive a peel.  You may need to let them go.
Some are keepers if you let them dry evenly in open air, attic or basement.
Forget that they are wrinkled or rippled.  Flattening them in a book is worse.  
We usually flatten the photos while scanning their image to be restored.
Their wrinkled shape may spring back but we do get the image.

Do not use a dryer.  Fast heat can render them impossible to flatten latter.
Outside air will dry them much too slow and make them more wet/damp.  
Duplicated photo collections are redundant and should be discarded.

Plastic Photo Albums
You will never be able to "peel" out your photo from a plastic holder or frame.  
Let your plastic albums dry - then we can shoot through plastic if no bubbles.   
Some photographs have been found intact and recovered after under water.

School Photos, Printed Paper, Newspaper and Magazine
School picture book pages stick together when wet.  Worth keeping?  
If so, let them dry out completely but they are not worth restoring.
A picture of your teacher may be a memory but it's only printed paper.
Fire and Water Photo Recovery