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Restoration and Photo Delivery

  • We Email You an Order in PDF in email
    You'll Sign the Order  - like fixing a car
    You'll Send Back Your Signed Order

  • Photos Restored are Team Inspected
    New Restored Prints are Sent in Mail
    with an Archival Gold CD Photo Archive
    Plus Acid-Free Packaging for Originals
We'll Call with You an Order
Our Owner is an MCSE
Email Your Photos

  • Attach the Photo to Email, NOT inside the box
  • Type Your Name, Address, Home/Cell Phone
  • Email Your Photos to
PRO to Scanning?  Read All of This

  • Use both Scan Cycles:  Prescan and Scan
  • Scan All Your Photos at 250 dpi Resolution
  • use Prescan and Scan in both scan cycles
  • Save Photos as 250 dpi-TIFF (uncompressed)
    (file names won't matter to us)
206-337-2020 in Seattle
888-546-2384 Toll-Free
PixSavers, Photo Retouching, Shoreline, WA
Call the Pix!  888-546-2384
Email Your Photo for Restoration   
Online Photo Restorations.  You get Restored Photos, Free Print, Free Archival Gold CD, in Free US Mail
#3 Photo Restoration: Cleaned up, Cropped and Centered.

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Read This If you're New to Scanning  See How

Start Here:  
Your Scanner uses 2 Cycles:  Preview and Scan.
Use Each Cycle while Following this Guide.

1st Cycle - Prescan  
  • Place Your Photo inside Your Image Scanner
    On-Screen, Select "Prescan" (search for image)
    This is not the final scan

  • Next:  (important)
    Crop the Photo with a Cross-hair cursor (frame-tool)
    This frames a rectangle around the photo, capture pixels
  • Note: its dotted line can adjust in size with a double-arrow

2nd Cycle - Scan
  • In the Software Settings, Select 250 dpi Resolution
  • Click "Scan"  (scans the photo at 250 dpi within its
  • the Software will Save the Photo in the pictures folder
  • Note the Picture File Name to find it for your emailing

Email Your Photos
  • Open an Email Box and Type the Follow Info:
    Your Name, Address, Home Phone, Cell phone

  • Attach the Photo, Do Not Insert it inside Your Email
  • Email it to We Contact You Fast
  • At 300-Res, an 8x10 will be a 19.2Mb Attachment.
The Load Limited for an Email Attachment is 20Mb.
If Mailing Your Photo, please use US Mail

Send to:
PixSavers! Seattle
14817 Whitman Ave. Suite #7
Shoreline, WA 98133

Include name, address, phone number, cell and email
Restoration and Photo Delivery

  • Our Order will be Emailed in PDF
  • We will Restore All Your Photographs
  • New Restored Photos are Sent in Mail
  • You Get a FREE 1st Print, to 8X10 Size
  • You Get a FREE Archival Gold Photo CD