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#3 Photo Restoration: Cleaned up, Cropped and Centered.
206-337-2020 Seattle   
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#3 Photo Restoration: Cleaned up, Cropped and Centered.
206-337-2020 Seattle   
888-546-2484 Toll-Free

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1901 Kodak Delivery
Horse Drawn Trucks
George Eastman
Sold Tintype Tins
from 1881 to 1918
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All About PixSavers!

No other photo restorer offers so much, for so little, offering a much lower price, offering only the best photos.
As photo artists, we have a meticulous keen eye on every photo detail, trying to produce the best photographs.
Our entire team inspects each photo before delivery.  Your photo is restored without changing its main theme.

Steve Lehman began PixSavers with the goal to lower pricing, re-establishing new industry pricing standards.
We bypassed the retail setting, saving 40% that lowered pricing, a savings that was passed to our customers.
PixSavers has a direct-sales operation with
free pickup and delivery, assuring the best of customer service.  

We specialize in saving photos, preserving your legacy, fulfilling a genealogy, bringing ancestors back to life.
Before we came, restorers thought antique photos were from 1920.  
Our antique Tintypes come from 1836.

We were first to specialize in antique tintype photo restoration.  Tintypes are sent to us from every single State.
As tintype photo historians, we can place a year in a range for tintype photos, knowing era's from 1836 to 1917.  
Beginning in 1999, PixSavers quickly became Seattle's #1 restorer and the
only tintype specialist in the USA.

Although our owner is Microsoft engineer, we
never raise pricing for having an engineer-photo artist on-staff.  
Steve Lehman is a photo artist, owns the company, giving technical training to our photo artists for top results.
Be assured, we have the tools, knowledge, techniques, as we provide
only the best restoration for an archive.

Our Mission
PixSavers leads in service excellence by anticipating, listening well, and by responding to all customer wishes.  
Our vision is large, based on standards measured by positive reviews, in hopes to become an industry model.
We are committed to advancements, production, support, of new digital tools that make this easy.
According to our plan, our goal is to broaden efforts and introduce services as unique as our first.
We increase our knowledge, to learn more with practice, to pass on our experiences and wisdom.   

Our PixSavers Logo
Made by a graphic designer in colors, our logo has a sense of flow, movement through its layers.
Colors are drawn with precision, each in its own exact dimension related to size, length, spacing.
It appears to be a rainbow, but is really depicting our photo artistic imaging processes in layers.
On the right is an example of how photo art and graphics are made in layers, to flattened object.
Each layer is dissected, manipulated, saved, reassembled, reused, then blended to each other.    
Art colleges study our logo and have copied it to many companies, attached to the first letter.
So, students have used the PixSavers logo as a model for future logo design illustrations.

We Don't use "Magic Buttons"
Those "magic buttons" in software is useless because, professionals won't use them.
Digital photo tools are all manual.  If we use a "magic" tool we make another problem.    
The magic is in the photo artist. It's all tedious talent, with genuine artistic brain-power.
Artistically, we use color design, real art tools, digital programming and our knowledge.
It's team-planned, scanned, worked, team inspected, re-worked, then inspected again.
At the end of our day, we will marvel at our art work, as if it's a 'Van Gogh'.

Want Talent?  Concept Advertisement
The owner of PixSavers is a former a Vice President of an advertising firm.
He created our 'Want Talent' ads to be a spontaneous, instant recognition.
Humor, recognition, brand, is used for flash-memory in display-advertising.
Talented humorous images is the best way to keep your business in mind.
When we design graphical humor into our ads,
everybody remembers it.
Have us design y
our ad, to show what your business does for your clients.

PixSavers Founder, Current Owner
At age 13 Steve was self-taught in electronics engineering with his first successful repair of his father's B&W TV.  
His hobbies in photography and electronics excelled with his FCC Class-E electronics engineering license at 18.
Receiving a gift of a Canon AE1 SLR in his teens, he used it at the Seattle Times for his first job as photographer.
He dropped out of college early, but waited until his 40's to go back for 4 years, and became a software engineer.

Business Experience Leads to PixSavers
Steve has a strong background in business management.  Also, he came from the technology world and formerly
from a long standing association with photography.  He has excellent understanding of a photography business.
In combination with technology, he is able to operate in a digital photo software environment and with analog film.  
Steve maintains a customer service presence while serving consumer's satisfaction.  As founder of  PixSavers,
we are confident that Steve is the right leader to build PixSavers and to add-on positive changes going forward.   

Steve Lehman began at a newspaper circulation department, being promoted to two levels of management,
and he was an executive at 21 years old.  In his level of management, other manager's age began at just 29.

He left the newspaper to seek a business to fulfill some experience in construction framing and glass work.   
At 22 he was in business as a general contractor.  His company grew to 19 employees in 15 short years.  

At 38, he switched to a business that market CPA's to small and medium sized businesses for a higher profit.
This company  grew to 17 employees, included health benefits, paying high commissions to marketing sales.  

In his late 40's Steve was hired as a Vice President of an advertising firm.  He showed his ability in graphic arts.
A sense of humor was a prerequisite, as he was required to integrate humor in his advertising graphic designs.
He calls this his "fun years" as his humor came naturally.  Frequently he traded ads for other business services.
He took the entire company aboard a tour boat in Puget Sound as he had them dress formal, in cowboy boots.
As a sense of humor among the whole company of 45, they all danced to country western in their formal wear.  

At 52, with his FCC Class-E for electronic engineering, Steve qualified for 4 years at a University in technology.
Steve has a MCSE in software engineering, 8 engineer certifications plus a B-tech at University of Washington.
Headed to Microsoft, Steve became a photo software test engineer, utilizing his previous photograph experience.  
Steve moved around Microsoft from test engineering to marketing where he was assigned to teach technology.
Self taught in photo restoration, he was already restoring photographs for Microsoft employees.   

PixSavers!  Begins
Steve left Microsoft in 1999 as he had reached his highest threshold in technology management at Microsoft.  
No more corner office.  Steve was seeking a place where he could work at his own pace with independence.  
In 1999, he was so busy with PixSavers he hadn't licensed his business until 2005, but it was a Web domain.

Steve saw a need in the photo restoration industry.  Other restorers lacked experience, only a dabbling at best.
As a software engineer, Steve could utilize his experience, technology, and photography, and roll into one place.  
Steve specialized in tintype photos because other restorer's thought antique photos were only from the 1920's.  
This way, Steve could prove that tintype photos can become better than they were, be restored to new again.   
As an engineer, he taught software to his team.  Photo Artist became a title.

All other restorers didn't have a pricing standard.  Some were $120 per hour, and $140 per hour and lots more.
Steve re-established a new pricing standard, and persisting with his 40% lower pricing, Steve lead the industry.  
After 2001, our pricing became the g
old standard around the country as restorers used our pricing as their own.

In 2002, our first marketing campaign was a big explosion felt across Seattle, as it reverberated competitors.  
PixSavers first appeared as a corporation. Our new title, Photo Artists became a popular title, national known.  
Over 55% of our business were tintype photographs being mailed to us from almost every State in the country.  

Our PixSavers #1 rule is "only the best" as our team inspects every restored photo.  
With hard work, PixSavers has become Seattle's most popular photo restoration lab.
Customer service follow up for satisfaction is the key to their business success.

Steve knows more about digital camera technology, memory, resolution, film and cams.
PixSavers can answer technical questions from a qualified Microsoft Certified Engineer.

Steve gets up in the morning with a genuine desire to serve his customers in kind.  
His best advice for upcoming entrepreneurs is be a self-starter, dedicated, confident.

PixSavers has expanded twice.   We have plans to expand the business again, but,   
we can't say how, its direction or any part it, to remain competitive but it will be soon.
206-337-2020 in Seattle
888-546-2384 Toll-Free  
Steve Lehman, owner
MCSE, Photo Artist Tech
Eastman and Edison
Cinema and Lighting