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#3 Photo Restoration: Cleaned up, Cropped and Centered.
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#3 Photo Restoration: Cleaned up, Cropped and Centered.
About us

No other photo restorer offers so much, for so little, offering our best photo work, for lower pricing than others.
As photo artists, we restore photos with a meticulous keen eye on every photo detail, always better than others.

We restore photos by preserving their legacy, retaining the image of an ancestor, completing your genealogy.
We keep your image subject intact, only taking out the damage.  Each photo is team inspected for fine quality.

Family history becomes a figment, as photos are lost, kept in basements, attics, albums, stacks, shoe boxes.  
As you organize your photo history, we align your photos, preserve, digitize, to give photos new life and legacy.  

Beginning in 1999
we were first to restore 1836 antique tintype photos.  Other restorers didn't know antiques.  
As tintype photo historians, we can give a range of years within a tintype's era, as tintypes lived 1836 to 1917.
We're usually pretty close knowing their attire and hair, fads, flooring, background, how any tintype was made.  

PixSavers began with
a goal to re-establish much lower industry pricing standards, lower than dated pricing.
We created a 40% discount as we took-out the retail bench, reduced that space, organizing a direct approach.  
Most over seas restorers conformed to our practice.  Few USA restorers kept to high priced, old-fashion work.

never raise pricing for our owner being a Microsoft MCSE Engineer or for having a technician on our staff.  
Steve Lehman is a technician and tintype photo artist.  He trains photo artists as a leading edge technologist.
Photo artists have tools, knowledge, techniques.  Our software engineer is an advantage over other restorers.

Our Company Mission   
Our vision is big.  Nationally measured in positive reviews, our standard become known as an industry model.
PixSavers leads in service excellence by anticipating, listening well, and by responding to all customer wishes.  
We are committed to advancements, production, support, in digital tools that help us work better.
We increase knowledge only to practice more, as our experience is worth more than business.  
According to plan, our goal is to broaden more services, beyond efforts first introduced in 1999.

Our Company Heading - Logo   
Made by a graphic designer in color, our logo is a simple continuous movement of flowing layers.
Colors are drawn with precision, relating to an exact dimension in size, length, spacing and flow.
What appears to be a rainbow is a color wheel which illustrates photo artistic imaging processes.
On the right is an example of how photo art and graphics are made in layers to a flattened object.
Each layer is dissected, manipulated, saved, reassembled, reused, blended, stacked, collapsed.    
Art colleges studied our logo.  Students copied our format and kept it popular in other companies.
We began a trend as students designed similar logo models to our trademarked logo.  

We Don't use 'Magic Buttons'   
Software "Magic Buttons" are useless to professionals, they don't work as advertised.
Professional digital tools are manual.  A "magic" tools can produce another problem.    
The magic is in the photo artist as tedious genuine talent, and creative artistic-power.
Artistically, we use real art tools, as digital art tools work the same as manual art tools.
It's scanned, team-planned, worked, team inspected, re-worked, then inspected again.
When finished, as photo artists, we see our work like it's a 'Van Gogh'.   

Conceptual Advertising Art
The owner of PixSavers is a former a Vice President of an advertising firm.
Steve Lehman produced his own artistic concepts for his client ad display.
His humor was his best ingredient in a long successful advertising career.
When creating a Brand, funny graphics are recognized and remembered.
Steve created our 'Want Talent' ads that ran 2005 to 2007 with a 6% ROI.
Its humor was designed for spontaneous product recognition and brand.

Our PixSavers! Founder
At age 13 Steve was self-taught in electronics engineering with his first successful repair of his father's B&W TV.  
His hobbies in photography and electronics excelled with his FCC Class-E electronics engineering license at 18.
Later in his career, he went back into school to earn his degree in technology and computer software engineering.

Steve career began at the Seattle Times which included photography, graphic artistry and district management.  
Hard working from 16, he was promoted to 3 levels into executive management to age 20, with good references.  
He left the newspaper for a business opportunity that would give a greater income with growth in management.  

In a construction company, he learned construction sales and rose to general manager in just 11 short years.
After that, he managed his own construction company, with 19 employees, and was his own advertising artist.   

At 32, he shifted gears to a new business which would market Accountants to small and medium size business.
With a partner, they hired 14 employees, as Steve created advertising graphics to bring in business customers.  

Now in his 40's, Steve was hired as Vice President of an advertising firm.  He showed his graphic arts ability.
A sense of humor was a prerequisite.  He was required to manage staff and design his advertising for clients.
He calls this his "fun years" with lots of humor in his advertising graphics, selling to all of Seattle's businesses.  
Sometimes he would agree with a company to do their advertising in return for their services to his ad company.  
In one case, he decided to take his entire advertising staff on a night club boat, and to sail around Puget Sound.  
He took his 42 employees on that boat for a live band and dancing as it sailed around Puget Sound into a night.  
Steve had a stipulation:  Like a prom, employees had to dress in formal tux and gowns WITH cowboy boots, too.
This was their company sense of humor.  All employees wildly danced to country western music in formal wear.  

At 52, Steve went back to school, as his FCC Class-E license for Electronic Engineering qualified for technology.
At his mid-level age, technology school was a hard nut to crack but he went through his 4 years to get certificates.  
Steve had a 4 year education at the University, a MCSE in technology, and 8 certifications for software engineer.

Then at Microsoft, Steve was a photo software test-engineer, utilizing his education and experience in graphics.  
Steve moved around Microsoft from test-engineering to marketing, assigned to teach technology to marketing.

Microsoft canceled health benefits for their employees, but Steve had benefits from his wife's company.    
Two years later, remaining Microsoft employees successfully sued Microsoft to gain
their health benefits.

Steve left Microsoft in 1999, as he had reached his highest pinnacle in technical management at Microsoft.
Trained well in photo restoration, Steve was restoring photographs for Microsoft employees in his last year.  
With an easy transition from Microsoft to business, Steve began a return-path to graphics, photos and ads.  

How PixSavers! began
In 1999, he founded PixSavers to provide a more efficient photo restoration, and to be taken more seriously.
Steve saw a need in the photo restoration industry in Seattle as other restorers lacked in photo experiences.

As a software engineer, Steve utilized his technology experience in a combination between photos and software.
He taught photo restoration to new Photo Artists as this new title, "Photo Artist", was copied across our country.

Steve specialized in tintype photos because other photo restorer's thought antique photos began in the 1920's.  
So Steve restored tintypes from 1836 to 1917, and all other conventional photos from 1917, to today's photos.  

Also, other photo restorers didn't have a pricing standard, as pricing varied from $120 to  $140 per hour or more.
Steve re-established a whole new pricing standard which was 40% lesser, persuading others to take his pricing.  
After 2005, Steve's pricing became the g
old standard around the country as Steve was leading the entire industry.  
PixSavers appeared as a large corporation, well staffed, and the term "Photo Artists" was an accepted business.

Steve's first advertising marketing campaign was so big it was felt across Seattle as it reverberated competitors.  
Over 55% of our business were tintype photographs being mailed to us from almost every State in the country.  
With PixSavers motto:  "only the best will do" our team inspected every restored photo.  
With hard work, PixSavers has become Seattle's most popular photo restoration lab.
Customer service follow up for satisfaction was the key to our business success.

Steve's advice for future businessmen:  be ambitious, firmly dedicated and confident.
Steve owned 4 businesses with 30-50 employees and was a VP of an advertising firm.
"Don't procrastinate.  You need to jump into business, otherwise you won't get there."  

Steve Lehman receives calls from customers with every type of photo from every state.
Your first call will be to initiate a conversation with one of our photo restoration experts.
He encourages calls from customers with small questions about repairing your photo.

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