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Burned by Fire above,
After Restoration, below.
Although Photo Taken in India.
Photos are Restored in Seattle  
Smoke Damage (examples)
We Remove Photos for $20
Smoke Gets Inside a Frame

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206-337-2020 in Seattle
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Fire, water, flood damage info on this website.  Read this page first.  
Our other pages include:
Flood/Water/Fire, Acidy Paper, Photo Preservation.  

For pricing, we give a fair, written, signed and guaranteed restore price.
We take care of your photographs with photo experience and kindness.   
We custom restore fire, water and flood damaged photos with final print.
Our owner has 15 years of photo restoration, almost restoring everything.
We say "almost" because there is always something different, never seen.

Damaged by heat, smoke or flame, water-stains occur due to firefighters.  
If your burned photos are fragile, we work carefully as possible with photos.

About Insurance Companies
If they don't have a category for something, they ask you to "write it off".   Don't.
We had our time with them too.  This is why we give this advice to you:  

List photos as a "miscellaneous" as recovery items.  

Other listings can be "personal items" or "personal property", but not "disposable".
Because you didn't list them before, they won't insure photos as "items not listed".   

They take photos lightly because, it's hard to take a photo of a photo.  Yup!
Insurance companies are not there to pay everyone.  They want to save money.
They may list photos as "intangible", "not recoverable", "disposable".  

You need to list photograph restoration as "
treasured properties" to get noticed.  
Although a copy is being recovered, the photo is a
treasured memory to restore.
Put a value on photographs as "replacement" or "recoverable" or "miscellaneous".

We recommend that you handle your own claim to get your photos restored.  
The likeliness of replacing your photos grows in value, but only if you persist.

Presorting (see Flood below for more sorting)
Presort photos as "priority" or "not important" (2 places) for photo restoration.  
Be prepared before calling so we can be prepared for ballpark pricing photos.  

For pricing we don't for much.  Your home owners insurance is managed by you.
We give a fair price in writing and sign it.  
As our boss, we hope you will accept it.

You may pick out "keepers" - certain damaged photographs which you want restored.
Our advice is that you select photos pertaining to family, genealogy and futures.  

Include all replaceable photographs as "need" for your insurance "misc items" claim.
The amounted needed is only what will restore your photographs and get back to normal.

You may contact PixSavers while working with your photographs, get advice, begin work.  
We can help you with costs factors, ballpark pricing although we cannot give exact pricing
for photographs we have not seen.  Be prepared to describe a photograph on the phone.

Flood Photographs below for more sorting info.

Water Damage
Water damage, stains, dirt, spots, mold, mildew, surface cracks and scratches, torn parts.
We are well trained photo restoration artists.  All of these have been within our restorations.

Stuck to the glass
Dont pry a photo off glass.  If the damage is inside a photo frame, clean the frame glass.
We can shoot through the glass, then after photo restoration techniques, we print a photo.

Mold/Mildew on Picture Frame
PixSavers doesn't clean a photo frame after a fire or flood.  There are many reasons for this.
After a fire, a frame is not used.  If you salvage your frame, bleach is
never recommended.   
We advise that you not use chemicals on your photos.  Chemicals cannot be reversed.
It is never okay to ruin your photographs.  Photographs are a precious family memory.
in the future your photographs will be handed down as an heirloom.  Be kind to them.  

Flood Photographs, How to Sort Them (after presorting above)
No doubt, a flooded photograph is the worst condition of any possible restore.  
Photographs stuck together need to be peeled away but only if thoroughly wet.  
Don't wet them down a second time, but try to peel them while they are still wet.  
There is no guarantee they will survive a peel.  You may need to let them go.
But some are still "keepers" if you let them get to air and let them dry evenly.
Forget that they are wrinkled or rippled.  Flattening them in a book is worse.  

Think of the photographs that you made duplicates.  Find your replacements.  
Out of 15 pictures of your sister may be one good one you will cherish for years.  
Hang in there.  It's an ugly job but someone needs to do it.  
Be bold.  Hang in.  
Soon you will see the end of your task and then you will know what to keep.  

For each of your photos, if seen for the first time, it can be a devastating loss.  
Be careful, be patient.  For one bad photo, there may be one that's much better.
We always say "sort them" but we are not being facetious, we are being wise.  
During this time you will be emotional but after its done, you will look back at it.  

The real sorting
Sort them into "good ones" and "bad ones" and then you need to let them go.  
Be assured that you will find your better memories within the plain open photos.
You cannot let dry two photos stuck to each other if they won't peel from each other.
You need to let those go.  Get to those which are wet and will peel away cleanly.  
Get to those fast.  There's no time for memories.  That will come later when done.

Get them into air - not outside - but inside.  Do not heat them.  Don't dry them fast.
Fast heat can render them impossible to flatten latter if you think you need it flat.  
We don't need a flat photo to copying them.  Just dry them.  Slooowwwlly.  
Separate them very carefully then get air to them.   Not outside, but inside.  
Outside air will dry them much too slow or make them wetter with humidity.  
A basement or empty garage is good for dry air.  Not in a dusty attic.     

Flood- Photos in Plastic
Do not try to peel out the flood-photo from a plastic holder. They will tear.   
Although we can restore a tear, the cost for many tears will add up to a lot.  
You will never be able to "peel" out your photo from a plastic holder, - but
the plastic holder may be your friend.  Let it dry to copy through the plastic.   

Flood photos will have acid inside the photo.  Wash hands or use gloves.  
Then they can be copied, reproduced, restored.  Phone us to preview them.  
Some photographs have been found intact even after they were under water.
A copied photo is a treasured memory.  Once you have it, keep it intact.  

School Photos, Printed Paper, Newspapers and Magazines
School album pages will stick together.  Are they worth keeping? Really?  
For every school picture in your school album, there may be a real photo.
Only keep family pictures.  That picture of your teacher may be a memory,
but when it comes to printed paper, let it go.  Ask yourself if its worth it.   
Keep saying the words: "no good" as a way to let go, toss it, be done.

Magazine pages were printed with a plastic coating.  A flood destroys it.
Printed paper was meant to report an image.  They are not a treasure.   

Real photographs is what you're trying to keep.  Compile the "keepers".  
By stacking of those you won't keep, you will see a better photos to keep.

Only one-third of your
real photos will be compiled as real  "keepers".  
Among the "goods" will be those that won't matter to for years to come.  
Flooded photographs can be copied even if damp but dry them complete.  
A clean photo is your treasure and your reward for doing good job.
We can restore a flood photo.   Now get them restored!   
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