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There comes a time when our precious photographic images have left us.  
It's just not fair for some of us to let go of our photographic memories, we've carefully kept
so well, for so many years.  We need someone who can respect photographic properties
and who can restore them specifically for you.  

PixSavers can Save Fire and Flood damaged Photographs.  
Take advantage of our fire and flood services.

IF your insurance company needs an estimate from a bona fide photo restoration
company, that's PixSavers
!    PixSavers will estimate your fire or water damaged photos as
fair as possible.  Whether your insurance company or you is sponsoring the recovery, we
estimate then pick up your photographs with personable service, and we take care of your
photographs with care as if they were our own.  

If you have coverage from insurance, we can work with major insurance carriers which
provide low premium fire and flood protection.  You should be capable of extending your
coverage for photographic restoration and many photographs should be restored to
replace your precious lifetime memories, which are otherwise, irreplaceable.  Photographs
seem to be the last priority when disaster strikes and in most cases are incorrectly
considered a total loss and forgotten. In this case, your insurance company will be just as
comfortable of replacing your photographs as easy as it would be to replace your TV.
Each insurance company has a limit of the coverage per each policy holder, and can vary upon your personal property loss and the limit you had set
for your policy.  There is little doubt that you will have priorities concerning which photographs and that you will study upon which photographs will
be restored.  You may pick out certain damaged photographs which you want to restore.  We advise that you pick out photographs which pertain to
genealogy and precious photographs.  We recommend that you include each replaceable photograph in your insurance claim, for your insurance
company to repay your loss, lesser the deductible if any.  We can also work with your agent if you need us to list the photographs on the claim
adjusters claim forms.

While going over your photographs, contact
PixSavers and your insurance agent at the same time, so that we can begin the process of working
together to replace your losses concerning your photographic restoration needs.   We'll work with you while sorting out your lifetime of photographs
and as you sort them we can help you with the value or costs factors within our own process to help you mark photos as a priority.


From smoked photographs to photographs being outright burned by flames or worse:                
Water-stains or surface damage could have taken place due to efforts of your fire responders during the time of the fire.  If the photograph provides
enough information for us,
PixSavers can restore your photographs accordingly.   If your burned photographs are fragile, we'll work carefully with
your damaged photos while we restore and
store your photographs onto CD.   We will work along with you to arrange transport, and then, we'll give
you the finest handling of your originals as possible, during all phases of your photographic restoration process.  


Stains, spots, mold, or mildew are usually the damages that take place in most cases. In severe cases where mold or mildew may prevent the
image from being seen, we will at first clean the spot, or otherwise find a way to scan the images and then remove the stains digitally from
replicated images.  In both events, we maintain good photographic restoration.  


In the event of water or fire damage, photographs that are cracked, scratched, torn, missing parts or stained can be covered under your insurance.
 Our activity could be to furnish your insurance company with a good scan of your photograph as evidence that your insurance company is
replacing a photograph, and the scan becomes part of your claim with our estimate.  It shows to your insurance company that our very trained
photo artist, an our supervisor/owner digital technician, who has been well trained for this task.  We're very well known to most insurance
companies and flood specialists. Your insurance company will consider your photographs as safe with us.  


In cases which the photographs is stuck to the glass, wetting the area was once believed to be the factor of freeing up a photo from the glass, but
not always so.  In these cases, we photographically shoot through the glass to develop a new image from the other side of the glass.  We try our
best to salvage the image by using simple techniques rather than using a technique that may not be reversible.  Your photograph could otherwise
be adhered to the glass forever or worse yet, ruined forever.  
In case your photograph is stuck to the frame-glass, upon removal, or call us instead of removing it yourself.  

For mold and mildew, PixSavers doesn't use this method, but some other restorers may use bleach on mold and mildew of black and white
photographs then redevelop and they do this as a last resort.  We would rather replicate digitally then restore with digital enhancements.  We
advise not to use any chemistry on your photographs if wet, especially.  Chemistry cannot reverse the methods described above.  Each instance
has a different remedy but we look for different methods rather than ruin an otherwise salvageable photograph.  

IF your insurance policy is flood-specific or has a rider in your policy for flood damage, we can work with your insurance company for water
damaged photographic restoration.  Refer to our company for estimates or call for estimates for your claim.
We estimate your photographic restoration then convey it to you as your replacement cost.  If needed, we furnish this our
estimates to your insurance company then they will give our go ahead to begin work on your photographs.  

Photographic memories are included under your "
Personal Property Coverage" of your renter property  or real estate policy.
Check with your insurance agent for your specific coverage and to what degree it covers.  As for the dollar amount, your
coverage amount is the amount of your policy which is administrated according to your discretion. This insurance coverage
can vary between carriers and does not required a separate rider unless you have a private collection with an appraisal.  
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