Photo Restoration: Recovering a Polaroid from Beach Sand
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I was most happy with the work he did, as he made effort to get (it) just right.
He is an old school perfectionist, a quality sometimes hard to come by.  His
work is meticulous and professional at a very fair price.  Considering the
great quality, price and the ease of working with Steve, I was satisfied.  
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Thank you for helping me, I will treasure the photo and share these copies.
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#3 Photo Restoration: Cleaned up, Cropped and Centered.
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"I'm very pleased with the results. Thank you so much. I'm so happy you restored
it. My granddaughter is now 30 years old and will be so happy to see the results.
I would recommend PixSavers to anyone."
Laura in Las Vegas says: (tintype 7-6-14)  I received the package Saturday.
Thank you. I am quite pleased with the good job.  Sincerely, Laura.
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</ 1st Set:  1981 Polaroid, a little boy.

Polaroids get spots along with its developing.
In all photos, dust shows mostly in dark areas.
As a photo is enlarged, spots get much larger.
One big spot is on the end tip of this child nose.
Our pro photo artists have a keen eye for detail.
With close work, the unblinking eye can tear up.
We maintain a photo originality if all is possible.
Art tools are same, either manually or digitally.  
Assignment:  "Erase the 2nd Guy, then Group Them together"
#3 Photo Restoration: Cleaned up, Cropped and Centered.
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< 6th Set:  1883 School Boy Tintype Photo - Restored in 2005
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2nd Set:  'Pilots Only' - Composite Layered Correction

This is the 388th Squadron and P47D fighter plane from World War 2.  
4 out of these 5 pilots are real pilots.  The one mechanic doesn't belong.

2nd guy will be erased.  The 1st guy will be redrawn  - no copying.
Erasing and redrawing the 2nd guy will erase parts. (still with us so far?)
It takes talent and a real professional with
Free-Hand-Mouse + patience.
Professionals may use
long compositing methods but we use a brush.
These guys were not moved.  They need to look like it never happened.
This takes artistry.  No copying if you want it to look natural.  It's not easy.
See below for another airplane photograph from the same customer.
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#3 Photo Restoration: Cleaned up, Cropped and Centered.
< 5th Set: Photographer's Shadow is seen in the Photo.
client request:  "take that guy's shadow out of that photo!"

Before and After Photo Task:  
The photographer's shadow is caught in the photograph.  That happens.
We need to take away the shadow, make the blouse white again, yet,
we need to redraw the ruffles onto blouse.  We can free-hand mouse draw.
Drawing the ruffles will be tricky but not tough for an artist.  

Next the cracks, scratches, tears need to be taken away and color replaced.
Our customer was particular about her hair Colo wanting only a bit of tint.
Our customer is in the photo when she was 19 but is in her 50s's now.  
But she remembers the color and wants that color back again.  We did it.
Next, she remembers the grass was so green but not as faded as the photo.
We renewed the photograph by getting rid of that fade and print a new one.
P47D Republic Thunderbolt
Bomber Fighter, Shack-Date

Norton ES2

Real WW-2
Bomber Jacket
Before Photo                           Work Photo

                                                  After Photo
#3 Photo Restoration: Cleaned up, Cropped and Centered.
< 3rd Set:  Plane, Pilot, Motorcycle Composite
                Free-Hand Mouse-Draw Finished

388 Squadron P47d Republic Thunderbolt Fighter Bomber.
The "shack date" was their 'bomber girl' a pilot's own pride.
Each had their own - hand-kissed for luck just before flying.

This "shack date girl" was painted by Irving Klaw in 1943.  
The model was Betty Page, a celebrity-model up to 1955.
In 1956, Betty Page turned to religion and became a nun.  

Our Photo Assignment  (before, extra, and after)
Our client called his buddy, "cigar man" for the obvious.
His buddy would hand-kiss his "Betty" each time he flew.
Cigar-man had to be in front of Betty on his motorcycle.   
Client's request:  "Make sure both are seen just as well."
We made his motorcycle proportionate size to the plane.

Remembered by his buddies, they all work together on a
very large farm (corporation) in Eastern Washington State.

All photos are from old "green-film" products - not B&W.
The old "green-film" needs to be matched to the others.  

This is not simple compositing, or vector copy and paste.
Whether vector or raster, there is no easy learning curve.
Almost all of this is done by hand with free-hand mouse.
No compositing can make this look like a natural photo.

It takes a experience, talent, patience, careful planning,
and real photo artistry to free-hand mouse draw, all of it.  
We rebuilt everything from the ground-up, quite literally.  

To finish we roughed in some foreground and background,
made the plane black and white like the day it was made.  
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Picture is on Gallery-3
See our Oval Page
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< 4th Set:  1907 Oval Plastic Sepia - Redrawing a Soccer Ball
Before and After Photos  

This is a free-hand mouse drawing of a soccer ball, as it was erased.
Our client told us that another restorer (Florida) erased the original ball.  

This 1907 boy is our client's great-grandfather, who was a soccer coach.
AND Today, our client is Coach and President of the Florida Soccer Association.

This grandfather has glue on the hair - we can draw hair without free-hand.
The black oval border is from a time when plastic was introduced with photos.
The oval is converted to a rectangular.  Fading caused millions of age-spots.
We need redraw the shoes.  We drew a new soccer ball free-hand (see arrow).  
Arrow: New soccerball drawn via free-hand-mouse.
Another Free-Hand-Mouse-Draw is on Gallery-3
Our client requested the wall be "Washed" - the wall plug is gone with a 'zap'.
Professionally, our job is to restore your photographs to a new condition.
We'll leave out our digital-talk and artistry words in all our narrations, but
only know our restores are the very best with one brush-stroke at a time.
major photo changes, paintings, fire-water damage,
color, B&W, tintypes, poster size portraits, old pictures,
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These Timeless Tintype Photographs followed genealogy, respectfully from 1839.
As tintype specialists we know their history, possibly their origin, how it was taken.
Photographers had a knob for their head to rest upon and a lean-table for stability.  
This one had scratches, spots, was faded to a dust color, with hardly an image left.  
Still as experts, we are able to restore tintype which have faded to almost black fade.
The original photographer painted a gold ring on the child's index finger in humor.
Perhaps he thought it would be a joke. The client wanted the ring taken away.  
Tintypes need to be digitally mastered with advanced knowledge, high resolution.  
We are specialists, advanced student instructors for antique tintype photographs.
Patience is needed to repair tiny scratches, spots, to reproduced the photographs.  
A real family face emerged from the ash-grey image as we pulled out color in it.
Ferro-types were hand colored in its day, as the photographer would patiently daub
the image with color from the head of a pin.  In a close-up zoom, we saw this detail:  
worn surfaces on the foot rungs of the stool, and in more detail, we saw his folded
socks which couldn't be seen otherwise as we made them more prominently seen.
 We cleaned, repaired, reconstructed this photo top to bottom.

This is how a tintype frame looked.  Leather-bound backing, leather-hinge, metal
all around the inside and front - it's a metal picture inside of an ornate brass frame.
Engineering abounds as its corners were folded over to 'hitch' with the brass frame.
On the left side of its "book" it had an over-stuffed velvet pad which hid a lady-mirror.
The mirror was used for polishing a lady's face with a velvet
make-up powder-pad.
On the right side was that brass (gilded) ornate brass frame linking the photograph.
Many of them were taken out of its frame as children played then broke the picture.
See Tintype History (Tintype page is on our Website)
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"Want Talent" are from our own Photo Artists
"Want Talent" are from our own Photo Artists
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